Advantages and disadvantages of a VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network that provides organizations a cheap alternative to dedicated private networks. There are many reasons due to which organizations think about setting up a dedicated private network, but many of the organizations have to drop their plans of having a dedicated private network because the cost is too high….


What is MAC address – MAC cloning

The world of computer networks is amazing. Intricately designed and some not so intricately, these networks form the foundation for countless applications. You can talk to someone located to the other side of the world, maybe even play a game with them at the same time, all thanks to these computer networks linking our physical…


How to hide/change/hack your IP address using proxy?

With spying and data monitoring going on a global scale, users often feel that websites can track them down and put them on the stand. Honestly, that’s usually not the case. Here are a couple of reasons, users might want to hide their IP addresses: Prevent the web owners from tracking the user. Hiding the…

ipconfig windows

Internet Protocol address

More about your IP address (Internet Protocol address). Connecting to the Internet, either via your internet service provider (T-mobile, Mediacom, Optimum, etc.) you are assigned an IP address. This address identifies your device from the other computers on the Internet. You can get IP address two ways: static or dynamic. Static means address never changes, dynamic means each time…


How to use TRACERT to troubleshoot TCP/IP issues

Tracert is a command-line tool that comes with Windows operating system. This tool helps tracing the path, which is undertaken by an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) packet to reach its destination. With the help of this command-line tool, the user can troubleshoot TCP/IP issues in Windows by knowing where the tracert stops responding or…


IP Geolocation providers Compared

IP Geolocation is a splendid technology that helps organizations to identify location of their customers based on their IP addresses. The information collected by using the Geolocation technology, organizations like eCommerce companies, news websites, search engines, ad agencies, etc. are able to provide their customers the best products and services that are available in their…