IP Geolocation providers Compared

IP Geolocation is a splendid technology that helps organizations to identify location of their customers based on their IP addresses. The information collected by using the Geolocation technology, organizations like eCommerce companies, news websites, search engines, ad agencies, etc. are able to provide their customers the best products and services that are available in their region. There are many IP Geolocation providers out on the market. In this post, we will go through some of the best IP Geolocation providers that provide the most accurate details.

Neustar IP Intelligence

This provider is formerly known as Quova. It is known as the most accurate IP geolocation data provider by far that provides lot of information that includes but not limited to continent, country, state, city, zip code, latitude, longitude, ISP, organization, net speed, net type, domain, proxy, and time zone. With so much information on hand, organizations can undertake a better marketing approach. For example, by identifying the net speed, organizations can offer either a light version of their websites to those customers who are on a slow internet or a full version. By providing the light version of their websites, the organization can ensure more sales and customer retention. The provider has a dedicated team of experts who analyse the data collected by their system to ensure maximum accuracy is delivered to the clients.

GeoIP by MaxMind

Similar to Neustar IP Intelligence, MaxMind also provides the same type of information about users by identifying their geolocation. Though, the coverage of information is same like country, area code, region, proxy, time zone, domain, etc. the process of data collection that MaxMind follows is completely different. MaxMind uses their proprietary technology named GeoIP®. With the help of this technology, MaxMind provides organizations a non-invasive method to identify geographical location along with other useful information in real-time. The technology working behind GeoIP® is complex that executes millions of datasets through an array of algorithms to collect geolocation and other useful information about the users.


Another good IP Geolocation provider is IP2Location. Compared to Neustar and MaxMind, IP2Location provides less information. For example, it does not provide information about the organization, organization type, DMA Code, and ASIN while Neustar and MaxMind provide this information. Both Neustar and MaxMind do not provide Weather Station data but Ip2Location provide information related to weather station.


Last in our list of IP Geolocation providers is IPligence. This provider is active since 2006. The information coverage is limited to continent, country, state, city, latitude, longitude, ISP, and time zone, which is almost half of the information provided by Neustar and MaxMind.